Month: December 2016

2 Reasons Dental Implants Are Better

There are several different things to consider when contemplating the replacement of one or more lost teeth. How well will your prosthesis improve your smile’s appearance? How well will it restore your bite’s function, and how long will your replacement tooth/teeth last? For many people, dental implants offer a better option than conventional dental bridges… Read more »

3 Things You Need to Know About Invisalign®

For many adults who experience crooked teeth, the desire to straighten them often rises from concerns over how their smiles look. Therefore, many adults hesitate or simply reject the idea of wearing braces to correct their tooth misalignment. The bad thing is that this hesitation can allow the condition to grow worse, leading to even… Read more »

Designing a Smile that You Can Be Proud Of

Some people may have naturally beautiful smiles that need little or no cosmetic touchups, but keeping their smiles in tip-top shape still requires regular care from their dentist. However, many of us face one or more unique cosmetic blemishes or dental health concerns that require customized treatment to correct. At Oxford Dentistry, our experts can… Read more »

How Do I Get Rid of Gingivitis?

Gingivitis is an infection that forms when plaque and tartar get underneath the gums, causing them to become inflamed and recede from the teeth. That infection can spread into the lower tissue and bones in your mouth. This can lead to loss of teeth and gum disease, which can increase risk of health issues. It’s… Read more »