Month: January 2017

Is Preventing Tooth Loss Simple?

Modern dentistry offers a wide variety of choices for preserving your healthy, natural smile. Preventive measures are so effective that cases of chronic dental disease, like tooth decay and gum disease, are the lowest they’ve been in history. Still, dental diseases aren’t a thing of the past, and a vast majority of people still must… Read more »

Tips for Temporary Toothache Relief

Not every toothache is sudden, and not every toothache is severe. But every toothache has the potential to be more if you give it time to grow. When the pain strikes, how you react will likely depend on how much your tooth hurts; in mild to moderate cases, you might find temporary toothache relief with… Read more »

3 Reasons to Choose a Tooth-Colored Filling

If you know that you have a cavity, then you probably know that you need a filling to treat it. But with so many options, you might wonder if it’s worth opting for the slightly more expensive tooth-colored version rather than the traditional metal filling. While there are several reasons to choose a tooth-colored filling,… Read more »

How Your Dentist Helps You Prevent Cavities

Brushing and flossing your teeth every day and refraining from too much sugar consumption seem about as much as you can do to prevent cavities. At home, that is. To truly prevent cavities and other chronic dental health issues, you also need to visit your dentist regularly for routine checkups and cleanings (typically no more… Read more »