Month: November 2017

Why You Should Take Your Toothache Seriously

Not every toothache may seem serious. However, if your tooth is just slightly sensitive and you mistake it as a temporary nuisance, then you might neglect to have it checked out, allowing it to grow worse over time. Because a toothache almost always means that your tooth (or surrounding tissues) is in trouble, ignoring it… Read more »

What if My Tooth Is Cracked?

A cracked or fractured tooth isn’t typically a discreet issue. Even if you don’t remember damaging your tooth, the subsequent pain can warn you that your tooth needs to be fixed. However, if the discomfort isn’t particularly severe, then you might not consider the situation an emergency. If your tooth is cracked, then seeking treatment… Read more »

Ask Your Dentist About the Benefits of Veneers

Your smile is important for many reasons. For instance, your smile is a major component of your systemic wellbeing, and keeping it healthy also benefits your overall health. It’s also one of your most notable facial features, and therefore, its appearance has a serious impact on your self-confidence. The good news is that, in most… Read more »

A Focus on Patient Comfort

At Oxnard Dentistry, providing exceptional dental care to all of our patients includes maintaining a focus on patient comfort. From the warm, familiar atmosphere of our office to the high level of personalization in our treatment options, we want to make sure that every patient enjoys their visit with us! Today, we look at two… Read more »