Month: December 2017

What You Should Know About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment is often referred to as just a root canal, but technically, the root canal is the part of your tooth that the procedure is designed to treat. Your tooth’s root extends into your jawbone, where it rests comfortably and securely within its very own socket. The root itself stabilizes your tooth when… Read more »

Reducing Your Risks of Tooth Loss with Dental Care

Tooth loss isn’t a guaranteed part of aging, but it’s common enough to affect most adults to some degree. Fortunately, you can reduce your risks of tooth loss by preventing or treating the conditions that often cause it. The caveat is that there are many different potential causes of tooth loss, and aside from accidental… Read more »

What Is a Partial Crown?

When your tooth is cracked or fractured, a dental crown is often the best way to treat it. The tooth won’t heal, exactly, but the crown (or cap) can hold the tooth together and take the brunt of your bite pressure so that the tooth doesn’t become even more damaged. Sometimes, though, a tooth’s damage… Read more »

Do You Have Gingivitis?

Gingivitis—the precursor to more serious gum disease—isn’t an obscure dental condition. In fact, most patients recognize the term and at least some degree of the danger that it can pose to their oral health. However, not everyone realizes that gingivitis is the only reversible stage of gum disease, and that they only have a limited… Read more »