Month: November 2018

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Tooth Aches

When your tooth hurts, there could be a wide range of reasons why. Therefore, when you try to relieve the ache with a generic home remedy, the relief will only be temporary. For patients in Oxnard, CA, who experience chronic tooth pain, the best way to relieve it is to allow the dentist to find… Read more »

3 Times when a Dental Crown Is Your Best Option

Dental crowns have been around for longer than many other restorative dentistry options, which one reason why they’re so popular. The other reason is the fact that dental crowns can address a wide and diverse range of issues, often with highly lifelike cosmetic results. For patients in Oxnard, CA, who have a problem with their… Read more »

A Few Questions About Cosmetic Gum Contouring

There are several different aspects of your smile’s appearance besides your teeth. For example, patients in Oxnard, CA, who exhibit a gummy smile know that their uneven gum lines can have an even bigger impact on their smiles. Fortunately, they have a comfortable, convenient, and highly effective option for correcting their gum lines thanks to… Read more »

Can Scaling and Root Planing Reverse Your Gingivitis?

While routine dental cleanings are usually enough to control the accumulation of plaque and tartar on your teeth, the procedure only works for the visible parts of your teeth. When oral bacteria work their way underneath your gums, the only way to clean them off of your teeth roots is with scaling and root planing…. Read more »