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2 Ways to Make Dental Care More Comfortable

The goals of professional dental care focus on more than just providing exceptional treatment. For example, your care also involves ensuring that you’re comfortable during your visit, and that your treatment doesn’t significantly disrupt your already-busy schedule. In our Oxnard, CA, dentist’s office, we invest significantly in providing top-notch care to every patient, including using… Read more »

How to Relax with Dental Sedation

For most patients, the greatest challenge to receiving the dental care they need is finding time in their schedules to make an appointment. For many, however, the greater challenge is finding a way to relax enough to not fear visiting the dentist. Dental phobia affects millions of patients across the country, and it often prevents… Read more »

A Focus on Patient Comfort

At Oxnard Dentistry, providing exceptional dental care to all of our patients includes maintaining a focus on patient comfort. From the warm, familiar atmosphere of our office to the high level of personalization in our treatment options, we want to make sure that every patient enjoys their visit with us! Today, we look at two… Read more »

Can I Benefit from Dental Sedation?

Dental phobia affects millions of people in the United States, and it makes receiving even simple, necessary dental care (like checkups and cleanings) a harrowing ordeal. The good news is that dental sedation can help alleviate dental fear so you can receive the care you need to stave off potentially serious oral health issues. Even… Read more »