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Have Bruxism? Here’s What You Should Know

Bruxism describes the constant grinding of your teeth, often while you sleep, and it can often be the underlying cause of a host of other dental health concerns. For example, as you grind your teeth together, their chewing surfaces can wear down, which can make them more likely to become damaged. The change can also… Read more »

What You Really Should Know About Bruxism

Many people realize what bruxism is, but not everyone realizes when they have it. The condition, which describes constantly grinding your teeth together, can often go unnoticed, especially for patients who grind their teeth at night. Because you might not notice it immediately, bruxism can lead to significant tooth wear and damage by the time… Read more »

Signs that You’re Grinding Your Teeth Too Much

Sometimes, the greatest threat to your teeth isn’t plaque and tartar or the cavities they can cause. When you grind your teeth too much, the pressure and friction can eventually cause extensive wear and damage to your teeth. One of the biggest problems with excessive teeth-grinding, or bruxism, is that patients typically grind the most… Read more »