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A Few Details About TMJ Disorder

If you’ve never heard of TMJ disorder, then your chronic jaw pain and difficulty biting could seem like a complete mystery. If you have heard of it, then you might not believe you have it because your symptoms aren’t exactly the same as what you expected. These and other common misconceptions are partly why many… Read more »

What Happens When TMJ Disorder Develops?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is more common than many people realize, but patients who have it don’t always know. Unlike more common conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, the symptoms of the disorder can vary from patient to patient. Therefore, recognizing your aches and pains as a sign of the jaw dysfunction can… Read more »

A Close Look at TMJ Disorder

Also known as TMD, TMJ disorder is often responsible for various symptoms, most of which are indicative of numerous, completely different issues, as well. TMJ disorder also results from and causes a host of other dental issues that can affect your mouth’s proper function.  Today, we take a close look at your temporomandibular joints, or… Read more »

When Your Dental Health Is a Headache

If you were suffering from a toothache or bleeding gums, then you would probably know automatically to seek help from your dentist. However, not many people are aware that they can find relief for other chronic aches and pains at their dentist’s office, as well. For instance, chronic headaches can result from a number of… Read more »