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Is Your Tooth Aching? Try a Remedy that Works

A toothache can be one of the most problematic, and common, oral health symptoms. It can result from something temporary, like a large fragment of food caught between your teeth. Or, it can be the result a chronic problem, like the erosion of your tooth enamel or damage to its structure. In any case, it… Read more »

3 Possible Reasons Why Your Tooth Aches

When your tooth hurts, there could be a wide range of reasons why. Therefore, when you try to relieve the ache with a generic home remedy, the relief will only be temporary. For patients in Oxnard, CA, who experience chronic tooth pain, the best way to relieve it is to allow the dentist to find… Read more »

Is It Possible to Prevent Toothaches?

As one of the most common symptoms of dental health trouble, a toothache can mean a wide variety of things. Usually, however, it indicates a risk to your teeth or an already developing dental issue that could have been prevented. For example, with the exception of dental emergencies, most toothaches stem from weakened tooth enamel… Read more »

Why You Should Take Your Toothache Seriously

Not every toothache may seem serious. However, if your tooth is just slightly sensitive and you mistake it as a temporary nuisance, then you might neglect to have it checked out, allowing it to grow worse over time. Because a toothache almost always means that your tooth (or surrounding tissues) is in trouble, ignoring it… Read more »

Why Teeth Often Hurt

Gauging exactly how many people have had a toothache is a difficult, if not impossible, task. However, given the numerous possible causes for tooth sensitivity, and the prevalence of such issues, it’s highly likely that you or someone you know has experienced a troublesome toothache at least once before. Depending on the nature and severity… Read more »

3 Likely Reasons Behind Your Toothache

Your teeth endure a lot throughout the years, so when one of them becomes sensitive, you might believe that it’s just par for the course. However, teeth are the strongest parts of your body, and were meant to withstand the pressures you put them through. Toothaches are not inevitable, and when one strikes, it can… Read more »