Chipped/Broken Teeth

Chipped/Broken Teeth

chipped-broken-teethEven with the best preventive care and dental hygiene routines, accidents and emergencies can still happen. In many cases, dental emergencies mean damage to one or more teeth, and emergency treatment frequently involves repairing chipped or broken teeth to avoid having to extract them. Restoring a damaged tooth depends on the extent of the damage it’s received, though we can often quickly and beautifully restore patients’ smiles with lifelike porcelain dental crowns.

In Cases of Severe Tooth Damage

If your tooth is chipped or broken enough to expose its vulnerable tissues, located in the pulp at its center, then your emergency treatment might also involve root canal therapy to remove or avoid internal tooth infection. The tissues inside of your tooth can quickly become infected when exposed to oral bacteria, and root canal therapy can ensure that your restored tooth doesn’t require more extensive treatment, or possibly tooth extraction, later on.

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