When Tooth Bonding Might Be a Good Idea

There are several things that can significantly affect your smile’s appearance, but don’t require extensive treatment to correct. In many cases, cosmetic tooth bonding can be the best way to improve a smile without permanently changing your healthy tooth structure. Made from safe, durable, and highly lifelike composite resin, tooth bonding may be able to help address all of your smile’s concerns in a highly effective, but minimally invasive, manner. To find out if tooth bonding is a good idea for your smile, ask your dentist about the procedure’s benefits during your next visit.

To Fix a Discolored Tooth

Because tooth bonding is carefully tinted to match the healthy, natural appearance of your tooth, it is often used as an alternative to fixing tooth discoloration that teeth-whitening can’t address. Your dentist can place the tooth-colored composite resin over the discoloration, bonding it securely in place to improve your tooth’s overall appearance.

To Repair a Chipped Tooth

Many instances of tooth damage, such as cracks and fractures, can be addressed with a dental crown that caps and restores the tooth. However, a less serious chip in your tooth’s structure may not need a full dental crown to fix. With cosmetic tooth bonding, your dentist may be able to build up your tooth’s chipped structure with minimal preparation to your tooth.

To Close a Gap Between Teeth

A noticeable gap between two teeth, known as a diastema, can have a dramatic impact on your smile’s overall appearance. Sometimes, one or more porcelain veneers may be required to effectively close the gap and improve your smile. Yet, you may be able to achieve equally lifelike results with less complex tooth bonding.

Ask Your Dentist if You Should Choose Tooth Bonding

Thanks to its high versatility and lifelike appearance, tooth bonding could be a good idea for correcting a number of different cosmetic and restorative smile issues. To schedule a consultation, call Oxnard Dentistry in Oxnard, CA, today at (805) 604-9999. We also proudly serve patients from in and around Camarillo, Ventura, Thousand Oaks, Moore Park, and all surrounding communities.