Would Dental Implants Really Be Your Better Choice?

Tooth loss may be highly preventable with the right dental health care and maintenance, but that doesn’t mean good hygiene guarantees you’ll never lose a tooth. In fact, you might still lose a tooth due to severe accidental damage, or an oral health issue that you couldn’t prevent (such as an impacted or severely crooked tooth). However, the good news is that, even you do lose a tooth, you have an excellent chance of rebuilding your smile and avoiding some of the more serious consequences of tooth loss. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we may suggest replacing your lost tooth or teeth with the help of dental implants. (more…)

Good News if You Need a Tooth Filling

The bad news about needing a tooth filling is that it means your tooth has a cavity, which is caused by progressive tooth decay. The longer you ignore it or neglect to treat it, the larger that cavity will grow. Before long, a tooth filling may not even be enough to save it anymore. However, the good news is that today’s tooth fillings are more convenient, comfortable, and lifelike than many people realize. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we offer tooth-colored composite resin fillings that often provide many more benefits than patients immediately realize. (more…)

How Do You Know if Teeth-Whitening Will Work?

These days, noticing that your teeth are stained isn’t as serious of a concern as it used to be. That’s largely thanks to treatments such as professional teeth-whitening, which can quickly and effectively erase common teeth stains to dramatically improve your smile’s appearance. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we offer highly customized teeth-whitening treatment that allows us to effectively brighten your smile and make your teeth stains a thing of the past. During your next visit, ask us if teeth-whitening is your best option, or if you may need a more involved treatment to improve your smile. (more…)

Have Bruxism? Here’s What You Should Know

Bruxism describes the constant grinding of your teeth, often while you sleep, and it can often be the underlying cause of a host of other dental health concerns. For example, as you grind your teeth together, their chewing surfaces can wear down, which can make them more likely to become damaged. The change can also affect many different aspects of your oral health the longer it’s left untreated. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we can help you save your smile by diagnosing your bruxism and custom-designing an appropriate treatment, such as an appliance that can protect your teeth while you sleep at night. (more…)

A Few Facts About Treating Gum Disease

Would you know if you developed gum disease? Most patients want to say yes, but many people who experience severe gum disease didn’t realize or treat their condition in time to stop it from growing worse. Because of this, many patients require comprehensive periodontal treatment to restore their smiles by the time they do seek help. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we can help you prevent gum disease or detect it in its earliest stages. This helps you better protect your smile by boosting your chances of preventing the disease, or at least controlling it before it has time to progress and cause more serious oral health issues. (more…)

Is Your Tooth Aching? Try a Remedy that Works

A toothache can be one of the most problematic, and common, oral health symptoms. It can result from something temporary, like a large fragment of food caught between your teeth. Or, it can be the result a chronic problem, like the erosion of your tooth enamel or damage to its structure. In any case, it likely won’t go away until you do something about it, and for many people, that something is one or several home remedies that are supposedly proven to work. However, at our Oxnard, CA, dental office, many patients who experience toothaches don’t find permanent relief from them until they seek professional treatment, including a comprehensive exam to determine their toothache’s cause. (more…)

Do Wisdom Teeth Ever Stop Growing?

Most people recognize wisdom teeth as the problematic molars that often have to be removed. Even if they seem fine for years at first, wisdom teeth can often cause trouble for the rest of your smile as time progresses. Most of that trouble is due to some level of impaction, which may or may not be obvious depending on the extent of it. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we often help patients overcome wisdom tooth impaction by carefully extracting the molars before they cause more damage. The problem is that, despite being impeded by existing teeth and jawbone structure, wisdom teeth don’t stop growing, which can make them an increasingly more serious threat. (more…)

Want a New Smile in an Instant? Ask About Porcelain Veneers

Improving your self-confidence is a strong motivator for improving your smile’s appearance. Yet, depending on your smile’s specific issues, that motivation might not overcome your fear of needing multiple, extensive cosmetic treatment. The good news is that at our Oxnard, CA, dental office, we can customize any treatment plan to offer optimal results in a conservative, minimally invasive manner. With porcelain veneers, that goal is even easier to achieve thanks to their ability to address several different tooth concerns and transform smiles in nearly an instant. (more…)

A Few Details About TMJ Disorder

If you’ve never heard of TMJ disorder, then your chronic jaw pain and difficulty biting could seem like a complete mystery. If you have heard of it, then you might not believe you have it because your symptoms aren’t exactly the same as what you expected. These and other common misconceptions are partly why many people who have TMJ disorder don’t always seek treatment for it right away, or even know what they should seek treatment for. At our Oxnard, CA, dental office, diagnosing the specific details of your TMJ disorder, including its cause and unique symptoms, is an important part of helping you finally finding permanent relief from it. (more…)

Why Plaque Is a Bigger Threat than You Thought

When you brush and floss your teeth every day, your main goal is to remove the harmful plaque that builds up on your teeth every day. Doing so is natural, but not everyone realizes exactly what plaque buildup could mean if they don’t clean it away every day. When patients visit our Oxnard, CA, dental office, prevention is often the most important focus of their treatment. That includes educating everyone about the true nature and threat of excessive plaque, and the best methods for controlling it at home between their routine checkups and cleanings. (more…)