Good Reasons Dental Implants Are Popular

There are several different concerns that come with tooth loss. When it comes to replacing your lost teeth, the best way to do so is to ensure that all of those concerns are effectively addressed. For instance, most dental bridges and dentures today are crafted from highly lifelike dental porcelain, which not only addresses the gaps in your bite but also the lifelike appearance of your smile. However, addressing the unseen problems that arise from losing one or more teeth roots requires something more – such as one or more dental implant posts. For patients in Oxnard, CA, who have lost one or more teeth, dental implants are a popular and comprehensive way to address those concerns as well as the more visible effects of tooth loss. (more…)

Understanding More About Dental Bridges

Dental health professionals and patients alike have known for ages that replacing lost teeth is important. Over the years, however, the ways in which we address tooth loss have advanced significantly. For instance, dental bridges and dentures today not only fill in the spaces in your smile left by missing teeth, but also restore your smile’s youthful and attractive appearance. For patients throughout Oxnard, CA, modern dental bridges are a highly effective and customizable solution that helps address most of the serious concerns surrounding tooth loss. (more…)

What Teeth-Whitening Could Do for You

It doesn’t take much to affect your smile’s appearance, especially when it comes to stains developing on your teeth. The good news is that most common teeth stains aren’t a serious concern for your oral health. At least, not at first. However, they can significantly impact your confidence in your smile, and erasing them can become an increasingly more important concern as they grow more visible. For patients in Oxnard, CA, erasing teeth stains is simpler and more effective than they believe. With a professional, custom-designed whitening it from your dentist, you can conveniently brighten your smile all from the comfort of home. (more…)

What Happens When TMJ Disorder Develops?

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder is more common than many people realize, but patients who have it don’t always know. Unlike more common conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease, the symptoms of the disorder can vary from patient to patient. Therefore, recognizing your aches and pains as a sign of the jaw dysfunction can sometimes be difficult. Fortunately, patients in Oxnard, CA, can often find relief from TMJ disorder with highly customized treatment, such as an oral appliance that helps jaw joints heal in a minimally invasive manner. (more…)

An Important Look at Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are common, but they’re more well-known for the trouble they often cause than anything else. Known as third molars, they’re the last permanent teeth to develop and erupt from your gums. Often, this eruption is interrupted by the second set of molars, which leads to a host of issues that range from intense discomfort to severe tooth damage and misalignment. Today, we take an important look at wisdom teeth, including why they develop and why patients often choose to extract them before or because they cause so many problems. (more…)

Have a Tooth Problem? A Crown Can Help

Dental crowns are designed to mimic healthy teeth, and when one is placed over your tooth, it can do most of what your natural tooth did before it became compromised. Also known as a cap, the restoration covers and protects a tooth that has a problem that’s too significant for a more conservative option to address, such as tooth bonding or a porcelain veneer. Today, we take a look at a few of the common tooth problems that custom-designed dental crowns can address, and how they can restore your smile’s appearance and function at once. (more…)

Ways to Deal with Tooth Loss Effectively

These days, tooth loss is a problem for many patients, but it isn’t as much of one as it used to be. For instance, with a custom bridge or denture (or an appropriate number of dental implants), most patients can rebuild their smiles with enough realism to forget that they’ve lost teeth. With advanced dental techniques and materials, patients can also address most dental issues that lead to tooth loss before they become that serious. Today, we take a look at the most common ways to deal with tooth loss, either by replacing your lost teeth or preventing it from happening in the first place. (more…)

How Fluoride Boosts Children’s Dental Health

Fluoride is highly recognizable as an essential part of modern children’s and preventive dental health care. That’s because the fluoride offers several unique benefits to strengthening children’s developing teeth and adults’ already formed teeth, allowing for better protection against harmful oral bacteria. When your child visits the dentist, the dentist will carefully examine the health and integrity of the tooth enamel to determine if fluoride treatment can boost your child’s dental health and chances of avoiding cavities. (more…)

Got a Chipped Tooth? Here’s Why You Should Fix It

When your tooth is fractured or broken, the fact that it needs to be fixed is usually obvious. Besides the damage to your tooth, the increasing pain or sensitivity can make it a priority that you have it restored as soon as possible. Yet, if your tooth just has a minor chip on its edge or chewing surface, then the damage might not be immediately noticeable, or it may seem like no big deal even if you do notice it. Nevertheless, ignoring the chipped tooth will only increase its risks of becoming even more substantially damaged. (more…)

What Everyone Should Know About Modern Fillings

Most people experience a cavity at least once in their life, and but fortunately, they can usually avoid serious tooth infection by treating their cavities with custom tooth fillings. Made to fill the cavity of a tooth after the decay has been removed from it, a filling helps simultaneously restore the tooth’s structure while also protecting it from further infection. Today, we take a look at modern tooth fillings and how they can successfully treat cavities better than the tooth fillings of the past. (more…)